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Saw Thompson Square tonight :)
They sounded JUST like how they sound on the radio! Lol

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I think my boyfriend is adorable.
I love him.
And I dont care what anyone else says about it!

Raspberries are LOVE!

Got some purple extensions :)

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Spending tonight editing and watching Big Brother live feed uploads on Youtube :)

White Ponies!

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Anonymous said: Do you have any fave MLP insider websites? Like where you can find out about upcoming merch and just anything MLP related?

Nah haha!
I usually just find out about new merch via Tumblr

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raindropzz- said: I go back to school soon and I feel sick and very anxious at the thought of school :( what can I do to feel better? P.s you and your momma have all my prayers (: x

Have you watched my “Back To School (Advice)” video? It may help :)

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Made this for Manda31409 and she favorited the tweet. My watermark is on there so she will remember who sent it to her.

Layin in bed.
Watching BB16 Live Feed uploads on Youtube, Drinking yummy Mint Tea, and Painting My Nails :)
Relaxing Night


The back ground isn’t very good but I made up for it in sparkles! Haha this is manda’s oc she’s super cool and a big inspiration to me!

Awwwww! She is freakin cute!!! :D
Thanks so much hunn!

dinolover7 said: Hello. Who would you like to see as a guest star on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

Like an actual person? Such as Weird Al as Cheese Sandwich?
May seem crazy, but Luke Bryan or Hillary Duff haha! They are my two fav celebrities

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Anonymous said: why don't you like twilight sparkle?

I like her :)
I just like her the least. Probably because I am the least like her

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Sooo my video ended up being an hour long! I was able to cut it down to 40min affer editing.
But I decided to make it into two parts…
Anyway, they are both up now!

Pony Q&A Vids Are Uploading

Off to bed while my vids upload. They have about 5-7hours to upload, but they should be up by tomorrow :)
Night Night cuties!

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