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My Cutesy Collar came today!
I had been wanting a collar/choker for a while now (Just because I’ve aways thought they are fun & kawaii!). So I had been searching Etsy for awhile and all of them just seemed super spendy! Well, I decided to get on Ebay and type in something like “Personalized Dog Collar” and a listing came up for exactly that! Haha! It was only about $6 and you can have whatever you want put on it! So I just chose Kitten instead of my name because that is what my bf has been calling me lately :) and I thought it was “purrfect” since its a collar. Call it tacky if you will, but I think its so sparkly and adorable! I wont wear it too often, but its cute nonetheless!

Say what you want, but I love him <3

Curled Rarity’s hair!

Picked these up the other day at Walmart
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat-
And Carrie Underwood Nicole By OPI-
β€œLips Are Dripping Honey”

Wow my roots need redone desperately! Haha!

Anonymous said: What's your plug size ?😊


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youtubelover313 said: What is your favorite picture editing app? Also l ♥your videos

Line Camera & Phonto!

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Strawberry Reef
Crystal Lace

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Cotton Candy Goodness!

My Momma gets to come home from the hospital today!

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New Video Is Finally Up!

Night Night Dolls!


Hidden Treasure & Aurora Mist!

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Visiting my Momma in the hospital.
She is doing waaaaaay better! Hopefully she will be able to come back home in the next day or so <3

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